Our Vision

Patients and stakeholders are heard, inspired, and empowered to co-develop patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR).

Our Mission

The PATIENTS Program partners with patients and care providers to answer questions about the best treatment options to improve health and quality of life. We engage people from all communities, especially those from underserved and minority populations, in every step of the patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR) process. Through our collective efforts, we create an effective learning health care community.

  • We listen to our patients’ voices so that we ask relevant and meaningful questions.
  • We align research priorities with the values of patients and communities.
  • We transform research to make it more relevant and patient-centered.
  • We train patients, stakeholders, and researchers to become co-developers of PCOR.

Our Story

The University of Maryland is one of seven health services research institutions funded through a five-year infrastructure development grant from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality to develop capacity for patient-centered outcomes research [PA-12-114]:

The PATIENTS Program empowers patients to propose questions about their health care concerns and to actively participate in studies that answer these questions. Unlike many other research programs, we encourage patients and caregivers to get involved in every aspect of our research, because we believe that incorporating patients' perspectives can improve healthcare research and delivery.

The goals of The PATIENTS Program are:

  • Build partnerships with local, regional, and national patient communities and health care systems.
  • Conduct and expand patient-centered outcomes research to help patients make better decisions.
  • Put new programs in place for hospitals, doctors, nurses, and patients based on research findings.