Fitness and Nutrition

White Bean Patties

If you like to try new dishes that are healthy and fun to make. Let the PATIENTS Program's Dr. Jasel Martin inspire your inner chef.

Tofu Gado Gado

Eating and staying healthy can be a challenge. Dr. Jasel Martin from the PATIENTS Program sizzles up a fresh vegetarian meal that will make your tastes buds tingle.

Halt the Salt

Salt can have many adverse effects on our bodies. The PATIENTS Program’s Teny Joseph, a pharmD student, explains the consequences of eating a diet high in sodium at the UMB Wellness Fair.

November Project

Baltimore’s November Projects sets the example of making fitness fun and exciting. Everybody should take the opportunity to experience the energy.


Chauncey Whitehead, owner of CDW Health and Wellness shows the PATIENTS Program how do something very simple, relax and breath.

Eating Healthy with Jasel

Dr. Jasel Martin teaches us how to make a simple healthy snack.

Fitness with Disabilities

Gail Betz shares her amazing story staying fit while overcoming her visual impairment.